Who are we?

Onward Entertainment is a production house committed to creating dynamic content to represent your business and product. Maintaining the highest artistic integrity when producing media across multiple platforms, Onward consists of a diverse range of artists who at their core believe what Jean-Luc Godard said,


In our current digital age, regardless of frame rate, Godard believed the most compelling way to tell a story is to capture it with moving images. This is relevant now more than ever. The moving image has an immediacy that no other medium shares in both it’s intimacy and universality.

At Onward Entertainment, we believe channeling that intimate, immediate approach is the best way to connect to your audience and have the largest impact in the marketplace.

Our cinematic approach creates engaging content while highlighting every client’s inherent value and truth, because we believe people share an experience when something truly moves them. It is this fundamental connection which yields the most impactful results for any story, brand or business.

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Onward Entertainment, LLC



Producer  //  Director  //  Founder

Jeremy Gram Weaver is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, one of the nation’s top conservatory programs for artists. After working as an actor in New York City and regional theater such as The Shakespeare Theater, Kansas City Repertory and Alabama Shakespeare Festival, he decided to move to Los Angeles to study the process of storytelling through the medium of film. As an actor, he has worked for NBC, CBS, USA Network, Comedy Central and Showtime as well as Budweiser and Nike. As an avid cinema lover with a B.F.A. in Dramatic Arts, he attributes his style and approach as a director and producer to his background in theater. After working as a production intern and production assistant for many independent films, he decided to write, produce, and direct “Twilight’s Grace” which was his debut film as creative director of Onward Entertainment. His screenplay for “Twilight’s Grace” won an award/grant from Panavision for the production. The film screened at festivals worldwide and gained distribution. He then associate produced and assistant directed the feature film, “Cruzando,” which won accolades and awards at festivals worldwide. His work as a producer and director has received Telly Awards and Communicator Awards and as a founding owner of Onward Entertainment, Jeremy strives to produce compelling, fresh, innovative and even experimental media on all platforms ranging from film and television to viral content.


Producer  //  Director  //  Founder

Todd Spicer is a director/producer in NYC. Todd found he had a knack for the arts at an early age when he debuted in The English Shakespeare Company’s ‘Richard III,’ at age nine. He continued to work closely with many Chicago theaters including Steppenwolf Theater Company, Victory Gardens, and Stage Left. Todd started his film work with the motion picture, ‘Rudy,’ and attended high school at the Chicago Academy for The Arts. He continued to work in commercials, industrials and theater before leaving Chicago to attend the North Carolina School of the Arts for his collegiate studies. After schooling, Todd moved to New York where he became more intrigued in producing and developing innovative content.  Along with fellow alums, Todd developed and co-starred in the play, ‘Throat,’ an off-Broadway and regional success about a Marine’s return home from the Iraq War. His deep love of all things cinema then prompted him to help establish Onward Entertainment. Todd is a founding owner of Onward entertainment and is committed to producing dynamic content that stirs your heart, engages your senses and changes the way you see the world. His work as a producer and director has received Telly Awards and Communicator Awards.


Director of Photography

Bo Bilstrup is the chief Director of Photography for Onward Entertainment. A native of Denmark, Bo Bilstrup has been fascinated by movies since childhood. At the age of 16, he bought a second hand analogue camera and experimented with still photography. Through the use of film stock and a black and white enlarger, he went on to learn how to develop film in various ways. Bo started out working as a gaffer in Copenhagen, learning the art of painting with light. With great skill mastering light and shadow, he moved up and started working as a Director of Photography on a wide variety of films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries. He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and has since been commuting between LA, Copenhagen, and London to work on numerous projects. Bo’s work has been nominated for a Kodak Award and has received grants and accolades for his achievements within his field. His latest feature film, Nuummioq, was highly praised in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter during screenings at Sundance 2010 and was also shortlisted for an Oscar in 2011. Bo has developed his own distinctive style of cinematography with a keen artistic and versatile understanding of the interplay between light and motion. He strives to create an environment of meticulously placed light to illuminate, but never distract from the inner human experience told by the actor and captured by the camera.


Creative Partner

Pankaj Purohit grew up throughout India. His curiosity to explore stories beyond just his native country propelled Pankaj to pursue his study of screenwriting and the cinematic arts in Los Angeles. As a writing student he was mentored by Gregory Allen Howard, writer of “Remember the Titans” and “Ali.” While Pankaj continued his directing studies at UCLA, he interned with independent production companies all over Los Angeles and worked as a production assistant on many films. He eventually partnered with Onward Entertainment to co-produce “Twilight’s Grace,” and he continues to collaborate with Onward as a creative partner. He currently has a feature film in development with Onward, “The Rope in the Darkness,” a dramatic thriller to be shot entirely in India. Pankaj works in LA and India and recently filmed the documentary, “Belly of the Tantra,” which has sparked much controversy in India. Pankaj strives to share the unknown, uncharted and revealing stories that humanly affect us.





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