Who We Are

Onward Entertainment believes Cinema at it’s core exists best in what François Truffaut meant when he said: ‘Truth in film is 24 frames per second’.

Regardless of frame rate, what Truffaut meant is that in order to convey truth, you must have an unrelenting commitment to every second of every frame. Without that commitment, one will never truly see or feel what an unfiltered audience does when they seek to discover the truth in whatever story they are connecting to and experiencing, with their own unique, yet universal humanity.

At Onward Entertainment, we harness the power of this truth and our ‘unrelenting commitment to every frame’ to channel your business, brand or idea into the future with great success.

Creative Development 85%
Dynamic Production 95%
Deft Post Production 95%
Successful Branding & Marketing 100%

Our Process

  • Idea

    You have an idea to make a great piece of media for yourself, your business or brand.

  • Plan

    You reach out to us with your basic needs and budget. We'll get back to you with what we think we can achieve based on these specifics.

  • Design

    We shoot and edit your piece.

  • Deliver

    You can share your new idea and drive sales with confidence and flair.

Meet the Team

Todd Spicer

Producer / Director / Founder

Jeremy Weaver

Producer / Director / Founder

Bo Bilstrup

Director of Photography

Our Services

  • Ideation / Writing

  • Whatever stage your idea is in, we can help you develop it into something we can execute.
  • Producing & Directing

  • No top-tier project is made without leadership and creativity that stays with the project throughout it’s entire lifespan. At Onward, our producers and directors will keep your vision true to itself, on mission and keeping your audience riveted.
  • Capture

  • We live to capture people and the world in the most original and moving ways we can. We believe the proof is in the pudding when it comes to image quality and that it isn’t always premium hardware that makes the best shot. Sensibility often plays a much more integral and undervalued part of the process.
  • Delivery

  • Once everything is shot and processed, we still have lots of work to do. In post, we will color grade, time, sound mix and add various other post production elements depending on budget, style and market space.   Once everything is perfect and to your liking, we’ll deliver it to the world in whatever format you need to best fit your media channels.
256Project Files Created
51Projects Produced
8Awards for Commercials and Shorts
4Features Shot & Produced