Chevy commercial picks up award at Cannes Lions!

Director: Sean Cunningham Producer: Richard Jordan Director of Photography: Onward Entertainment The commercial earned Plaudits at the 2013 Cannes Lions Festival: * Read the Article * See the Commercial

34th Annual Telly Award Winners Announced!

Onward picks up three more awards for directing and producing three national commercials with client, Always Best Care, and Ad agency, Bodden Partners. With nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this year’s Telly Awards have been one of the most successful and competitive in the long history of the Telly Awards. Founded [...]

Communicator Gold Award of Excellence

Three recent national commercials produced and directed by Onward Entertainment for Always Best Care were awarded 2013 Communicator Awards. The commercials received awards of distinction as well as the Communicator Gold Award of Excellence. With more than 6,000 entries received from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards, sanctioned and judged by [...]

national branding campaign for Always Best Care

Onward and Boddden Partners launch a national branding campaign for Always Best Care by unveiling two new television commercials.

“Belly of the Tantra” Documentary

Congratulations to producer Babita Modgil and director Pankaj Purohit for the premiere screening of “Belly of the Tantra” in Berlin, Germany. The documentary film delves into the radical beliefs and extreme rituals of Tantra. By exploring an ancient and eccentric sect of Hinduism along the river Ganges and throughout India which has sparked much controversy [...]

Currently in Post Production for the NEA

Onward Entertainment is in Post Production on a series of small marketing films for the National Education Association. Thank you to all the educators who work hard to instill proper values in our youth and provide the tools necessary for our next generations to thrive.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Shoot

Onward had the pleasure of filming a very unique display of the human body in motion at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in NYC’s west side.

Commercial Wrap for New York Jewelry Designer Ayaka Nishi

Ayaka Nishi is en route to Japan for an exhibition featuring her jewelry designs.  Recently, she collaborated with Onward on a few commercial ads showcasing her unique work.

Danish Dating Commercial

Currently in Scandinavia to shoot the new commercial for Dating DK. The commercial will be aired on all major Scandinavian networks including VH1 & MTV. Besides TV, the commercial will have cinematic release as well.

Sundance 2nd Nomination

The documentary, “The Other Dream Team”, shot by Director of Photography Bo Bilstrup, receives a nomination in the US Documentary Competition at  the 2012 Sundance Film Fest. This is the second nomination at the prestigious Sundance. The first was the highly praised feature film, “Nuummioq.”  

Onward begins production on non-profit documentary

Onward heads to NYC to begin prepping a documentary which will explore several nonprofit heroes along the East coast, including organizations in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washingon, D.C. Through the years, the efforts of  these organizations has not only contributed to the financial stability of families and communities nationwide, but also has ignited the hope and [...]

Lyricist Raqueeb Alam & Rope in the Darkness

Raqueeb Alam, lyricist for Academy Award winning composer AR Rahman, is currently writing songs for our feature film, “The Rope in the Darkness.”

National Geographic – Explorer Series Shoot

Director of Photography Bo Bilstrup / Onward Entertainment heads to Greenland and Copenhagen to shoot an episode of National Geographic’s Explorer Series.

Shooting Music Spot

Onward Entertainment is currently teaming up with Creative Director Jay Pullano to shoot a small commercial spot for an upcoming concert. Some of the bands include CASXIO and VANAPRASTA.

India Trip Ahead

Director / Screenwriters J.G. Weaver and Pankaj Purohit are currently getting ready for a long flight to Bombay, India with their recent finished feature film script “The Rope in the Darkness”.

Sundance Official Selection

The feature film Nuummiouq shot by Director of Photography Bo Bilstrup is getting ready for Sundance. It’s got officially selected for the main contest “world cinema dramatic” competition. Screening times -Jan 23rd, 11:30am, Egyptian Theatre -Jan 25th, 9:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas V -Jan 26th, 9:00am, Holiday Village Cinema IV -Jan 29th, 5.30pm, Library Center Theatre

Cruzando gains strong Reviews

Cruzando gains strong reviews at festivals and pick up “Best Foreign Film” in Seattle, “Best Dramatic Feature” in Los Angeles and Runner-Up “Best Narrative Feature” in Athens.

Onward Partners with Counter Productions

Onward Entertainment has partnered with Counter Productions and will begin development on high concept IPs for the gaming and film World

Onward Gains the Right to The Advancers

Onward Entertainment has acquired the rights to the true story of a gambling enterprise known as “The Advancers.” Currently being developed into a one hour television dramatic series, the show explores the rise and ultimate collapse of the multi-million dollar enterprise which originated in Russian underground casinos.

“Twilight’s Grace” hits Festivals

Onward Entertainment screens “Twilight’s Grace” throughout the festival circuit.   *** New Hamshire Film Festival *** *** Dances With Films *** *** Santa Monica International Film Festival *** *** Moondance International Film Festival *** *** Los Angeles International Short Film Festival *** *** Palm Springs International Film Market ***

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